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I'm a photographer, graphic designer, social media & digital marketing specialist, and merch girl who's dabbled in modeling in the past... but if you really want to get down to it, I'm just a silly girl who likes silly things and enjoys life.

I currently work in Social Media, Digital Marketing + Creative Direction, mostly with Rhymesayers Entertainment. However, opinions and interests here are my own, not that of any of my clients.

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My brother from another mother Spider One came to chat with us about The Thing, Captain America, Spotify, and his new MTV show “Death Valley.”

One of my brothers from another mother, the one and only Spider One, came to visit the office today and talk about his show “Death Valley” that was picked up by MTV. (Taken with instagram)

My good friend Spider One has been working away at a horror comedy series and it’s finally ready for the masses!

Enjoy this trailer for MTV’s “Death Valley.”

Coming August 2011.

Welcome my new office mates.